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Dopo Pizza & Pasta

I was recently invited to check out a few of the newer menu items from Dopo Pizza & Pasta in Reno's midtown. Here's a breakdown of the meal and my thoughts.

TL;DR: I love Dopo, am a regular visitor, and have never had a bad meal.

I was given 50% off of my bill, however, my review is completely honest. Let's get into it.

Photo courtesy: Dopo Pizza & Pasta

Fall Mocktail

I love it when restaurants are thoughtful about N/A beverages, especially in Reno, where everything about the scene seems to revolve around booze. The mocktail featured was apple cider based, which I loved, but might be off-putting if you aren't a vinegar hound like I am. I appreciated the way the acidity in the drink cut through some of the heavier flavors in my meal, and thought it offered a nice balance. If you like kombucha, chances are you'll love this mocktail.

Fall mocktail and beet bruschetta

Beet Bruschetta

This was a fabulous dish. I love beets, and the way they were prepared as a bruschetta (chopped into smaller bits and served with toast) was so smart. The real highlight of this dish, is how the variety of flavors and textures involved work so well together: beets, whipped chevre, pesto, pepitas, pomegranate seeds, balsamic glaze, and tarragon... it sounds like a lot, but it made for a bangin' bite. Paired with Beloved's Bread for the toasts, it's a match made in heaven.

My only note is that I wished the beets themselves had been slightly seasoned more. When I had bites of only beet, they were a bit lacking—however, this is not how the dish is meant to be enjoyed. That said, this dish was still a highlight that I would recommend everyone tries as an appetizer.

Pappardelle bolognese

Pappardelle Bolognese

I was so excited to see pappardelle on the menu, but truthfully, was nervous. I have been to a few places in town that feature pappardelle (one of my favorite noodle shapes), only to have them be a shadow of what they should be: a long, wide noodle pressed so flat it should almost melt in your mouth while being toothsome enough to hold al-dente. However, Dopo delivered with a great example of a house-made pappardelle should be.

The sauce is a rich bolognese with duck and pancetta, served with a quenelle of herbed ricotta, best mixed in with the noodles while they're piping hot. The sauce is silky, clings to the noodle perfectly, and was a bowl of comfort on a rather chilly fall evening.

I appreciated the combo of duck and pancetta, but I almost felt like the duck was unnecessary. Without it, the dish still maintains its savory richness between the pancetta and the eggy noodles, however, I could see it being a menu highlight for those who love duck.

Grasshopper pizza

Grasshopper Pizza

When I go to Dopo, it's because I'm craving pizza. Dopo's dough, crust, sauce, and toppings are all exceptional, and you can really taste the quality when you bite into your slice.

The Grasshopper features pesto, braised greens, artichokes, fontina, gruyere, gouda, and is topped with arugula, EVOO and sea salt. The pesto is amazing, and the flavor mix of cheeses was delightful. If you aren't a fan of greens on your pizza, this is not the pie for you—although, if you're in the mood for pizza and salad, this would be a "two birds, one stone" situation.

My favorite pizza from Dopo is the Tony's NYC, which features a tomato sauce base, mozzarella, pepperoni (the little crispy cups, my favorite), Italian sausage, and oregano. It hits right, every time. So, going from a pepperoni/sausage favorite to braised greens and arugula was a bit of a jump, and while it was still delicious, I would always recommend the Tony's NYC first.

Mousse al cioccolato

Mousse al Cioccolato

Desserts are my thing, especially chocolate desserts. I can say with utter confidence that this mousse is to die for. Although mousse might seem simple, it can be hard to get the right punch of chocolate with a perfectly smooth texture, and Dopo does it just right.

The silky dark chocolate mousse is topped with a light layer of white chocolate ganache, and garnished with little crispy chocolate balls. If I could tell potential visitors anything, it's to save a bit of room for the mousse because it was the best way to end a delicious meal.


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