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Local Event: SAF Sip & Screen

Looking for a fun and unique weekend experience? I got invited to the Sierra Arts Foundation's quarterly event in exchange for a review. Here's the scoop!

The Sierra Arts Foundation (17 South Virginia St.) hosts this event every quarter. The shtick is to dress up according to the event's theme (based off the movie you'll see), start at the gallery for cocktail hour, and then walk over to the Century Riverside theater for a private screening of a newly released film. It's usually on a Friday which makes it a really fun and unique way to kick off the weekend. For $30 ($20 with a discount code) this event is a great bang for your buck. For the event, we got to see Bullet Train and the costume theme was to dress like your favorite movie assassin. In the below sections, I'll go into detail about my experience with the different elements of the night.

The Gallery

I've strolled past the gallery a bunch of times but never thought to stop in. It's lovely! The current exhibition features a collection of photography from The Playa (which was especially fun to peruse while dressed in costume). The mission of the SAF is, "to unify, inspire, elevate, and give voice to the arts and humanities in Northern Nevada through community driven programs, education, artist services, and advocacy," and the space was perfectly comfortable for a cocktail hour. We got there at 6:30pm (the event started at 6:00pm) but next time would shoot for 7:00pm because we had a bit of standing around time after making our way through the collection of photos.

The Nosh

Pignic donated a delicious signature cocktail (the AFT - strawberry vodka, elderflower liqueur, honey strawberry cordial, lemon juice, rhubarb bitters) and beer, wine, and non-alcoholic drinks were also available. All drinks are included with your ticket, which already makes it worth the money. Wild River Grille provided bites (cheese tray, veggie tray, shrimp, and crostinis) which was great to have alongside a cocktail, but definitely would recommend eating beforehand—especially with the drinks flowing.

The Movie

It was so nice being able to stroll over to the movie theater from the cocktail hour! We left at 7:45 from the gallery to be seated in the theater by 8:00pm. We were handed tickets upon entry at the gallery so were able to bypass the box office. After popping by the snack counter, we made our way to the private screening room which felt v exclusive.

Bullet Train was excellent. I had been wanting to see it, so a private screening in a smaller theater room really elevated the experience. It was much funnier than I had expected, and overall would recommend it to anyone who likes a bit of action (and, ahem, Brad Pitt).

I truly enjoyed the SAF Sip & Screen and will plan to rally a group of friends to join me next time. The costume element was very much up my ally and made it feel extra special, but a cocktail hour in a gallery before a private screening of a new movie is a great night out in and of itself.


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