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A Weekend in Reno: 48 Hours to Get Forked Up

Coming to Reno for a wild weekend but not sure where to eat? Got you. Here's an outline of some of Reno's best restaurants and when to go.

Let's say you take a half-day on Friday and get to town around 4pm. That gives you a solid hour to settle in, unpack, and hit the town by 5pm. Then we're making sure you're fed by 5pm on Sunday before you head out. Sound good? Let's dig in.

Friday - 5pm happy hour drink at Roxy's

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Kicking things off with one of the most Reno things ever—weaving your way through a clamoring casino, ultimately finding yourself at this fantastical fountain outside of Roxy's. The photo doesn't do it justice, this situation is quirky. Go for a $7 happy hour martini—they have 102 different martini options. If you're hungry and need something to hold you over until dinner (and to soak up some of that martini) split an order of their amazing mushroom ravioli.

Friday - 7pm dinner at Centro

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Ready for an exciting meal? Enter, Centro. Think elevated small plates with an emphasis on seasonality and technique-driven cuisine. It's a buzzy spot that doesn't take reservations, but the wait isn't ever usually that long. The menu rotates regularly, but popular mainstays include the bone marrow, filthy fries, and pork belly. Plus, it's a 15 minute walk (.7 miles) or a 3 minute Uber from Roxy's.

Friday - late night snack at Lucky Beaver

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Oh, so you've been traipsing along California Ave and need a late-night bite before you head home? Time for Lucky Beaver. This 24-hour establishment is like Reno's own version of Hooters—yep, hot servers and pretty darn good food. It's not the cheapest, but it will certainly, ahem, hit the spot.

Saturday - 10am light breakfast at Perenn Bakery

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If you need a great coffee and one of the best pastries you'll ever try in your life (no joke, I've lived in Paris and San Francisco and this place is one of the best), you must head to Perenn. The Midtown location is the original and everything from their bread, to their salads, to their toasts, and of course their croissants, are pure magic.

Saturday - 2pm lunch at Tokyo Sushi

Photo courtesy: Sharon C. on Yelp

If you're in Reno, you'd be remiss not to take advantage of all-you-can-eat sushi. Not only is Tokyo Sushi super bomb, but it's it's within walking distance (20 mins for 1 mile, or a 4 minute car ride) of Perenn Midtown. If you decide to walk, you can take Virginia Street and pop into some awesome local shops along the way (Junkee Clothing Exchange is highly recommended).

Saturday - 7pm dinner at Louis' Basque Corner

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Reno randomly has a very solid Basque presence. Part of that presence includes Louis' Basque Corner, which has been serving hearty family-style meals since 1967. Not only is Louis' delicious, fun for big groups, and a slice of "old" Reno, but it's also downtown and within walking distance to some of Reno's most popular night clubs, concert venues, and bars. When you go, be sure to get a Picon Punch, but be warned—they're lethal!

Saturday - late night at The Gold 'N Silver

Image courtesy: Nevada Magazine

The Gold 'N Silver Inn is a Reno icon. Pull up at any time (no judgement) for breakfast, a burger, or even a slice of pie. The Inn, owned and operated by three generations of the Paine family for the past 66 years, has recently been sold. There are no guarantees what will come of The Gold 'N Silver after the 2 year lease is up in 2024, so be sure to experience this legendary spot while you can.

Sunday - 11am brunch at Two Chicks

Image courtesy: @twochicksreno on Instagram

Reno has a bunch of great spots for breakfast and brunch, but Two Chicks is arguably one of the best. High-quality food, friendly service, and it's all run by two local...chicks. They recently launched a "Champagne Campaign," where they vow to donate 5% of all champagne sales to local Northern Nevada charities. So don't skimp on those mimosas, you probably need them at this point.

Sunday - 5pm takeout from Kwok's Bistro

So you're getting ready to head out of town, and need some takeout while you pack. We're going with Kwok's—it's some of the best Chinese food I've ever had. The roasted duck, salt and pepper tofu, Szechuan eggplant claypot, and chow mein are all amazing. You'll be full and happy as you make your journey home!


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