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Reno's Best Wings

Whether you're watching a game or just in the mood for something saucy, these wings are some of my favorites in town.

Slater's is a food truck, but they are some of the best wings in town. They have so many sauce options, if you're in the mood for wings and can find this truck, you won't be disappointed.

Noble Pie is known for their "burg' style wings—meaning their wings are double-fried, coated in a specialty sauce, then tossed with Parmesan, garlic, and scallions. So good and very unique.

image source: Pizzeria Lupo Grubhub

While they also have boneless wings, the jumbo smoked wings from Lupo are unreal. Favorite sauces are the gochujang and calabrian hot honey.

Royce is known for their amazing burgers, but their wings are out of this world. The imperialish Japanese chicken wings with wasabi ranch are a game-changer.

Jox Sports Bar and Grill is one of the few bars left in town that feels like old Reno—as in, gaming and smoking at the wrap around bar in the same space food is being served. If that's not your thing, I'll say that the wings are worth it, specifically with the voodoo sauce.

Image source: Bab Cafe on Facebook

Bab Cafe isn't known for their wings, but they should be. The Korean style fried wings are crispy and delicious, and they only come in orders of three which can get pricey, but they are worth it.


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