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Late-Night Food in Reno

As my beloved high school history teacher, Mr. Martinez, would say, "nothing good happens after 10pm." While he may have had a point, you can't always help when hunger strikes, and sometimes a midnight munchie is in order.

Here's a list of the few remaining local places in Reno that offer late-night food, with the criteria of serving until at least 1am.

Open Tuesday - Sunday 11am - Late Night (3am Fridays and Saturdays)

The Birria Grilled Cheesy from Vistro

The antidote to Reno's dying late-night food scene is Vistro. They offer menu items from 8 different concepts all under one roof, meaning, you could get a burger, pizza, wings, cheesesteak sandwich, and a mac and cheese bowl all in the same order. My favorite menu item is the grilled cheese with a garlic parmesan crust, which I have unabashedly ordered to bars multiple times. Their hours say "late-night," which is oftentimes as late as 3am. You can dine-in, but when they offer free delivery, maybe it's a good excuse to just go home.

Open daily - 10:30am - 3am

Image courtesy: @pizzava on Instagram

If you tromp along South Virginia St. late enough, you'll likely see party-goers whizzing by on Bird scooters, precariously teetering pizza boxes atop their handlebars. Pizzava makes that possible. Whether you're picking up to-go, or calling in a late-night delivery, it's a great option for delicious dough at any hour (until 3am, at least).

Open daily - 10am - 3:30am

Image courtesy: Chow Now

Are you interested in sushi, boba, pho, and Chinese food all at the same time and at 3 in the morning? Well, have I got the place for you. From the outside, this looks like three separate restaurants; however, they are all under the same roof with one giant menu. While I can't say it's the best quality sushi in town, the fact that you can scratch the itch into the early morning could be considered a God-send.

Open daily - 24hrs

The Cowboy Steak from The Parlor

The Parlor has one of the most extensive menus for a 24-hour spot in town. With items like breakfast omelettes, salads, burgers, and even steaks and chops, there's a little bit of everything for whatever time of day you go. The ambiance definitely has a gaming-vibe with lots of bar-top slots and big screen tvs, so if that's not your thing, all I will say is that beggars can't be choosers when the food is this good at 4am.

Open daily - 24hrs

Image courtesy: @Lucky_Beaver_Reno on Instagram

Nothing says Reno (and, in this case, Tahoe, too) like a 24-hour sports bar, where you can get everything from a "Hair of the Dog" breakfast plate to a "Blazing 777s" steak burger at any hour of the day.

Open Wednesday – Saturday 11am-2am and Sunday – Tuesday 11am-10pm

Image courtesy: @little_waldorf on Instagram

A UNR staple that originally opened in 1922, The Little Waldorf (or, The Wal) is a great place to grab a burger (like the Jiffy, which has peanut butter on it), and bar food like wings, nachos, and mozzarella sticks. But be warned if you are no longer a college student: the Wal can get rowdy after 9pm, especially on Thursdays.

Open Wednesday – Saturday 11am-2am and Sunday – Tuesday 11am-10pm

Image courtesy: Edible Reno Tahoe

Reno doesn't have many options when it comes to pubs, but Shenanigan's has been holding down the fort for years. It can be tricky to get a seat if you go with a big group at peak hours, but the vibe, service, and food are what you're looking for on a pub night out. On slow evenings, the kitchen may close before 2am.

Open daily - 24hrs

Image courtesy: Nevada Magazine

A Reno icon, The Gold 'N' Silver Inn is home to no-frills perfection. Whether you're looking for a full 3am breakfast or Guy Fieri-approved lemonade pork chops, this is the spot to go. Ownership is changing in 2024, however (apparently) the restaurant will largely remain the same.

Honorable not-so-local mentions

Open daily - 7:30am - 2am

Beef tacos from Jimboy's

There are few things in this town that hit as hard as a Jimboy's taco—especially after a few drinks. My go-to combination is the number 11 which comes with a beef taco, bean burrito, and a drink. Warning: the location on 2nd can be hit or miss on how late they actually stay open.

Open daily - 24hrs

Image courtesy: Roberto's Taco Shop Uber Eats

24-hour access to enchiladas and burritos earns Roberto's a spot on this list. While it's regional (mainly in Southern California), Roberto's is available on delivery apps and pick up if you've got a craving and are in a pinch.


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