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Late-Night Food in Reno

As my beloved high school history teacher, Mr. Martinez, would say, "nothing good happens after 10pm." While he may have had a point, you can't always help when hunger strikes, and sometimes a midnight munchie is in order. Here's a list of the few remaining local places in Reno that offer late-night food, with the criteria of serving at least until 1am.

Open daily - 10:30am - 3am

Image courtesy: @pizzava on Instagram

If you tromp along South Virginia St. late enough, you'll likely see party-goers whizzing by on Bird scooters, precariously teetering pizza boxes atop their handlebars. Pizzava makes that possible. Whether you're picking up to-go, or calling in a late-night delivery, it's a great option for delicious dough at any hour (until 3am, at least).

Open daily - 24hrs

Image courtesy: @Lucky_Beaver_Reno on Instagram

Nothing says Reno (and, in this case, Tahoe, too) like a 24-hour sports bar, where you can get everything from a "Hair of the Dog" breakfast plate to a "Blazing 777s" steak burger, often served by good-lookin' ladies.

Open Wednesday – Saturday 11am-2am and Sunday – Tuesday 11am-10pm

Image courtesy: @little_waldorf on Instagram

A UNR staple that originally opened in 1922, The Little Waldorf (or, The Wal) is a great place to grab a burger (like the Jiffy, which has peanut butter on it), and bar food like wings, nachos, and mozzarella sticks. But be warned if you are out of the college: the bar can get rowdy after 9pm, especially on Thursdays.

Open Wednesday – Saturday 11am-2am and Sunday – Tuesday 11am-10pm

Image courtesy: Edible Reno Tahoe

Reno doesn't have many options when it comes to pubs, but Shenanigan's has been holding down the fort for years. It can be tricky to get a seat if you go with a big group at peak hours, but the vibe, service, and food are what you're looking for on a pub night out. On slow evenings, the kitchen may close before 2am.

Open daily - 24hrs

Image courtesy: Nevada Magazine

A Reno icon, The Gold 'N' Silver Inn is home to no-frills perfection. Whether you're looking for a full 3am breakfast or Guy Fieri-approved lemonade pork chops, this is the spot to go. While the location is in its final chapter (the owners sold it and their lease ends in February 2024) it will retain legend status for locals and tourists alike.

Honorable not-so-local mention

Open daily - 24hrs

Image courtesy: Roberto's Taco Shop Uber Eats

24-hour access to enchiladas and burritos earns Roberto's a spot on this list. While it's regional (mainly in Southern California), Roberto's is available on delivery apps and pick up if you've got a craving and in a pinch.

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