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The Best Pizza in Reno

Here's the deep dish on where to get 'za in the Biggest Little City.

We're gonna cover some ground here—from late night to pretty frickin' gourmet, Reno has a pizza option for basically any occasion.


Southcreek Pizza Co. : wood-fired fancy-ish

Image courtesy: @southcreekpizza on Instagram

Blistered wood-fired crust, ultra-creative topping combos (did someone say hot honey?), and dang good salads...Hellooo SouthCreek! These guys put in a ton of effort to offer Reno its most authentic Neopolitan-style pizza—flour imported from Italy, a 900 degree wood-burning oven imported from Naples, house-made mozzarella—and it shows.

Pizzeria Lupo : best Detroit-style in Reno

Image courtesy: Pizzeria Lupo

Lupo's is very solid pizza. They replaced Reno's beloved Blue Moon Pizza (RIP) and don't disappoint. If you're looking for doughy Detroit-style squares, "Neo-Neopolitan" slices made with organic dough, or dang good wings, Pizzeria Lupo has your number.

Smiling With Hope Pizza: great pizza, cool cause

Image courtesy: Smiling With Hope Pizza

Award-winning New York-style pies with a mission to,"create hope and meaning in the lives of people with disabilities." Smiling With Hope Pizza is not only some of the best pizza in Reno, but they also hire and train folks with disabilities. Note that their hours are a bit tricky: open Thursday-Saturday starting at 5 and closing whenever they run out of dough. If you reach the answering machine, they've run out of dough.

Pizzava : good for delivery/late-night

Image courtesy: @pizzava on Instagram

Like Domino's but better. Pizzava is a local joint that makes proper delivery pizza—thick, cheesy, and tons of topping options. Case in point: it's built to travel. And the best part is, they're open until 3am. Word on the street is they also have some of the best cauliflower crust in town, so tell your friends with dietary restrictions.

Eclipse Pizza : a healthy-ish option

Image courtesy: @eclipsepizzacompany on Instagram

Looking for pizza that won't weigh you down? Enter Eclipse. Family-owned and operated, this place always seems to be busy. Their thin crust pizza made with a whole-wheat blend and emphasis on fresh ingredients (the Greek salad is a must) makes Eclipse a weeknight favorite for something healthy but like, not too healthy.

Pizza Baron: party vibes

Image courtesy: @heavierthandevan on Instagram

Oh, Pizza Baron. While it may not be the best snazziest pizza in town, it's certainly a fun experience, which is precisely why it's on this list. Ask any Reno local about Pizza Baron and watch a smirk creep onto their face. The move is to go on a Wednesday night for karaoke.

J.J.'s Pie Co. : bro-y family favorite

Image courtesy: JJ's Pie Co.

A long-time Reno favorite (since 1983, to be precise), J.J.'s is a thick crust, indoor picnic table, plastic beer pitcher situation. The vibe is bro-y but you're likely to find families gather here. Although known for their pizza, you can also get subs at J.J.'s.

Pizano's : a quick slice

Image courtesy: Pizano's Pizza

If you're roaming downtown Reno looking for a quick bite, Pizano's is your place. They do pizza by the slice ($3.50 from 3-6pm during the week) and have a host of rotating daily pie specials.


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