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Favorite Soups in Reno

Brrrr — that nip in the air means it's time to warm up from the inside out. Here are some of my favorite places in town for delicious soups, and what I order when I go.

Süp - any soup in a bread bowl

Image source: Fork Me, Reno

There's something about a bread bowl that makes soup exciting. Luckily, Süp has been living up to its namesake since 2007, making incredible soups that you can absolutely get in a bread bowl. My personal favorite is the broccoli cheddar (to be fair, that's what I've ordered almost every time since they've opened) but you really can't go wrong with whatever you try.

Golden Flower - pho ga (chicken noodle soup)

Image source: GrubHub

Golden Flower is known for its golden elixir chicken broth in the pho ga—chicken noodle soup, Vietnamese-style. Rich, perfectly salty, and nourishing to both body and spirit (some might say soul, but I'm sure there's a copyright for that out there somewhere...)

Image source: Alex M. on Yelp

Of all things, Reno has never had many options for ramen (does anyone else remember Gaman Ramen? RIP), but of course, our dear Kauboi never misses. I'm partial to the spicy miso.

Great Full Gardens - any of Gino's soups

Image source: Great Full Gardens

Whenever I want something healthy yet delicious, I head for Great Full Gardens. Gino the Soup Man is, well, clearly known for his soups. Nourishing and delicious, especially if you pair it with some of Great Full Gardens' cheesy bruschetta.

999 pho - any pho (beef broth)

Image source: College Raptor

It's always a good sign when a restaurant has menu boundaries, and 999 Pho only offers beef broth with all of their pho. I'm not usually a beef broth kinda gal, but holy lusciousness, it is so good—they really don't need any other broth!

Kwok's Bistro - wonton soup

Image source: Valerie N on Yelp

Kwok's is one of my favorite restaurants in town, and their wonton soup is heralded by many. The rich broth with plump pork dumplings makes for a serious comfort meal especially on a rainy day.

Paisan's Old World Deli - any soup of the day

Image source: Gina R. on Yelp

Paisan's has a hefty menu, but I always go for the soups. They have beef stew and chili daily, but the magic is in their soups of the day. I once had a turkey lasagna soup that blew my mind. With plenty of seating both indoors and outside, Paisan's is a favorite stop with I'm on the south side of town.

Manhattan Deli - Matzoh Ball Soup

Image source: Fork Me, Reno

When I'm in the mood for matzoh ball soup, nothing else will suffice. Luckily, Manhattan Deli makes a great one. If you don't mind making your way across the clamoring casino floor of the Atlantis, it's totally worth it. They have all kinds of deli classics (sandwiches, salads, even black and white cookies) and do them all well.


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