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Reno Markets You Should Fork With

Whether you're looking to make a "wow" meal or just want to have unique ingredients in your pantry, Reno has some awesome specialty markets to accomplish just that. I love supporting these shops and perusing their curated products; it feels transformative to learn about food through a specific regional lens. Growing up in Reno, I drove by these places and never really thought to pop in—now, they're a part of my regular grocery runs.

A community-driven natural foods shop, the co-op believes in "organic, local, single source clean food that is produced in a fair way for all involved." Beautiful seasonal produce, curated bulk items, and a one-stop-shop for most of your health-food needs. They also have a great grab-and-go food section. Anyone can become an owner through a membership program of $20/year over a 10 year period (which comes with special perks when you shop).

168 Asian Market has one of the best selection of frozen goods I've ever seen at an asian market. Dumplings, gyozas, noodles—take your pick. It's always nice to keep these in the freezer for a quick dinner. Stock up on pretty much any other asian pantry item you might need, one of my favorites being the peanut chili crisp they sell here, which I use in my easy, 20 minute 5 Ingredient Spicy Noods.

Although tiny, Bazaar European Deli and Cafe has an incredible curation of Eastern European goods. My go-tos are the egg noodles, eggplant spread, and frozen vareniki (dumplings—my favorites are the cheese and potato kind). They also have a fun selection of candy; while you might not know what's in them, it's fun to pick something up and taste test.

Aladdin's is a great place to go if you're looking for Middle-Eastern specialty items. From hard to find spices, to high-quality imports of ingredients like tahini and harissa, they're one of the best places in Reno to peruse. The adjoining cafe makes some of the best falafel in town and their bowls and plates are super reasonable for the amount of food and quality.

This tiny shop off Plumb is home to a tightly curated selection of high-quality Italian goods. From cookies, to special-occasion dried pastas, and even pre-made sauces, Bella Italia is THE place to go if you want to make a nice Italian meal. The owners are wonderful and have a wealth of cooking knowledge, I always leave feeling like I've learned something new. Check out my recipe using special pasta from the shop here.

A massive shop for all your Latin-goods needs, Marketon has affordably-priced imports and a particularly impressive produce section. Spices, marinated meats, Valentina hot sauce in bulk, and even a ceiling covered in piñatas, the world is your oyster here.


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