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Reno's Best AYCE Sushi

To visitors, the ubiquity of all-you-can-eat (AYCE) sushi in a landlocked place might seem a bit...odd. When I left Nevada for the first time, I couldn't believe most sushi restaurants didn't offer it. Why do we love it so much? For under $30, you can eat your fill of very decent (we're not talking omakase here, people) sushi, which makes any lunch or dinner feel slightly more regal. While it seems everyone has their favorite AYCE sushi spot in town, here are the details on some of the most reputable.

Bonus points: read up on the history of AYCE sushi in Reno with this RGJ article from 2013.

Photo courtesy: @sushimisreno


Lunch: 11am-4pm // $25.95 per person

Dinner: 4pm-9pm // $32.15 per person

Gotta try the:

Sushimi's Roll

Inside: crystal shrimp, and cucumber.

On top: avocado, spicy crab, teriyaki sauce and mango sauce

3005 Skyline Blvd. #160 | 775-829-2788

Photo courtesy: Tokyo Sushi


Lunch: 11am - 4pm // $17.95

Dinner: 4pm - 9pm // $23.95

Gotta try the:

Baked mussels (pictured above)

1999 S Virginia St | 775-825-8828

Photo courtesy: @hinokisushi on Instagram


Lunch: 11am - 4pm: $24.99

Dinner: 4pm - $31.99

Gotta try the:

Cajun tuna nigiri

5270 Longley Ln #110 | 775 409-4994

*Stay tuned: Hinoki is opening an omakase-style restaurant in Rancharrah, predicted for late May 2022. Not AYCE, but noteworthy and exciting.

Photo courtesy: Sarah S. on Yelp


Lunch: 11am - 4pm: $29.99

Dinner: 4pm - close: $39.99

Gotta try the:

Spicy Scallop hand roll (scallops, spicy sauce, tobiko, spicy mayonnaise and green onion)

3800 S. Virginia Street | 775 824-4434


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